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Dec 08, 2021 07:07

Customer Care FAQ

Below there is a list of Customer Care frequently asked questions and answers.

Created: May 2021



  • What are the invoice payment options?
    • Via Portal (for all countries except Italy and UK )
    • Check Starter kit details
    • Check the Invoice
  •  What is the maximum dispute period?
    • The dispute period is 1 year. Complaints about all invoices with terms of more than one year are not accepted. 
  • How to get an additional discount for Wildix services?
    • Partners may get an extra 15% or 20% on their PBXs with 1m or 1y subscription, if apply for 3y or 5y "Commitment"

  • Where to check Invoices or Credit Notes?
    • To check Invoices or Credit Notes follow the Portal's section 'Orders and Billing' then 'Account Balance' 


  • How to get DID Migration code?
    • Do a search in the Portal: 'CLASSOUND Orders' or 'Serial/DID Finder' reports     
    • The Migration code is available in the Invoice. 
    • Rise Customer Care ticket 
  • Where to get details about FAX and/or SMS?
  • How to activate Emergency Services for DID number?
    • Raise the ticket to Customer Care (CLASSOUND).  For each number, Wildix needs to get the user location address.  Emergency Services numbers are activated once the process of validation will be done.
  • How to dial Emergency Services?  
    • Use unique Emergency Call codes in your Country (911, 112, etc. ). The call needs to be done with no country codes ahead.  
  • What is the minimum term to keep the new DID number?
    • The minimum term of the new DID number order (as well as CLASSOUND FLAT) is 6 months.
  • How to monitor calls data?
    • The system sends reports with usage of calls on a regular basis to all partners.
    • In the Portal follow the section 'CLASSOUND' (right upper corner). Follow 'STATS OF CALL, LIST OF CALLS' next (only related to the CLASSOUND service).
    • In the  Portal follow the section 'ORDERS&BILLING', then 'ACCOUNT BALANCE'. Choose 'USAGE SCV file' from 'DOWNLOAD' column. You will find there detailed information about calls done from/to PBX (only related to the CLASSOUND service).
    • In the CDR-View
    • In the X-caracal
  • What X means at the end of DID number?
    • Sign "X" represents the range of 10 numbers in sequence. For example, +498****01071X sign "x" means that the range starts from +498****010710 to +498****010719 including ten numbers in sequence.
    • For XX in the and of the number - one hundred numbers in sequence. For example +498****0107XX the range starts from +498****010700 to +498****010799
  • How long does it take to port DID number?
    • Full porting, depending on Area and Donor operator, takes 1-3 weeks. Ordering of new DID takes 1-2 business days in case the requested Area is available. Activation of Outbound Service with your own DIDs takes 1 business day.
  • Where can I see porting date of the ordered DID number?
    • In the Portal's 'CLASSOUND Orders' report
  • How to return DID numbers before the "Commitment" expiry date?
    • DID numbers CAN NOT be returned before the "Commitment" expiry date.
  • Can DID number ('s) be ordered without a CLASSOUND FLAT license?
    • Ordering of new DID number ('s) is possible only with CLASSOUND FLAT license. In case of ordering the CLASSOUND - it will be applied for all licenses on PBX except Basic. For example, you have 1 Premium license, 2 Essential licenses - with DID number ('s) you will have 3 CLASSOUND Flat licenses automatically. 
  •  Is it possible to change the porting date?
    • There is an option to shift the confirmed porting date via ticket to Customer Care. It has to be done no later than 5 business days before the confirmed porting date. There is no guarantee the new porting date will be applied strictly following the new request. It can vary depending on the Service Provider's decision 
  • Where to monitor the total quantity of calls done per user for the CLASSOUND service?
    • The report 'Stats of calls' in the CLASSOUND section of Portals Dashboard gives a detailed information of quantity (per minutes) that was done per user. 
  • How to block the user's outgoing calls as soon as the threshold of 3000 minutes of CLASSOUND is reached?
    • There is no such option in the system. 
  • Can monthly DID numbers be ordered on 5-year (1-year) PBX?
    • All services related to the same PBX have the same terms and expiration date. It is not allowed to have a monthly service connected to a 5years (1-year) PBX.
      The expiration date must be the same for the PBX and the services connected to that PBX. CLASSOUND Activation Request
  • How to find out the exact time of porting for DID number?
    • DID porting time depends on losing carriers and vary during the day. Perform the PBX configuration at least one day before. By default, it is 2 PM in your time zone.
  • Can DID number be used without the Classound Flat?
    • DID number can be used without Classond Flat with Basic license only with a per-minute charge applied. To avoid charges the Classound Flat (with 3000 minutes free) is activated on each license (for Essential, Business or Premium only) and, in that case, comes as an integral part of the DID number service. 

  • How to fix the issue when calls from DID numbers indicate as 'undesirable calls' on local opponents?
    • If the number is marked as spam, it may be related to the traffic profile used by the number. From their devices users of mobile phones can block and report spam calls (see sample for Samsung mobile phones: Like an option, you can contact Hiya (or any other similar apps) and update the information for the number: Please, feel free to open a tech support ticket for more detailed analysis 
  • How many concurrent calls are available for 1 DID number?
    • CLASSOUND has no restrictions on concurrent calls  For example, having on PBX 1 DID number, 15 Premium and 5 Business licenses 20 concurrent calls (by 20 different users) from one DID number are available.
  • How to move CLASSOUND service between PBXs of the same end-user?
    • To transfer CLASSOUND service between PBXs of the same end-user submit the ticket to Customer Care


  • How to cancel and return HWaaS ? 
    • as for HWaaS Contract, it should be kept a minimum 6 months
    • submit the  RMA request with the serial number of HWaaS device and address to pick it up
  • What to do in case of lost HWaaS?
    • HWaaS items are fully covered for any type of damage except the loss. In this case, the Partner will be charged at a CAPEX price for the lost item. For the lost HWaaS item, its S/N should be provided. The invoice to cover item cost at HW price will be issued, then HWaaS delivery will be terminated and changed the item to HW (from HWaaS). Partner may order a new replacement device as an HWaaS
  • How to delete Storage from the PBX?
    • Storage purchase is the final one as per the warning message "Attention: after increasing the size of the volume, it will be impossible to reduce its size." Create a new PBX without storage and terminate the old one.
  • When does the HWaaS billing circle start?
    • For HWaaS billing, the circle starts in 14 calendar days after the shipment of orders for all types of licenses.  Confirm with Natali if any exceptions 
  • How to return HWaaS items before the "Commitment" expiry date?
    • HWaaS items CAN NOT be returned before the "Commitment" expiry date 
  • What are the conditions of HWaaS quantitative discount?
    • HWaaS quantitative discount applied only after the renewal and strictly per item code
  • What to do if HW PBX can't be upgraded to the new WMS version due to tech issues?
    • load the WMS4 image to the HDD by following this procedure, activate the PBX with the activation key already available, and restore the configuration from the backup taken from 3.8X, if available.
    • replace the PBX with a new HW-PBX and follow the instructions above (most probably the new HW has WMS5 pre-installed). This option would also fix the USB port issues and would allow using again the services that need the USB key (CDR, CTI, Faxes, etc...).
    • Submit a ticket to Tech Support
  • How to move HWaaS devices between PBXs/end-users? 
    • To transfer HWaaS devices between PBXs/end-users submit the ticket to Customer Care


  • How to activate (create) a new PBX?
  • How does Commitment work? 
    • Only 1m/1y PBXs are eligible for 3y or 5y "Commitment"
    • If "Commitment" is applied to the existing PBX, the discount of 15% (for 3years "Commitment") or 20% (for 5years "Commitment") will be added to the existing licenses AFTER the next renewal
    • If new licenses are added for PBX before the Commitment - the discount will be added immediately for the newly added licenses ONLY
    • If licenses need to be upgraded or added, a Customer Care ticket should be submitted with one of the options offered in the 'Warning' 
    • It is not allowed to detach ANY service (License, CLASSOUND, or HWaaS) from the PBX under "Commitment"
    • CLASSOUND service can be added to the PBX under the "Commitment" without any restrictions
    • HWaaS items CAN NOT be returned before the "Commitment" expiry date 
    • DID numbers CAN NOT be returned before the "Commitment" expiry date
    • The Commitment is planned to be auto-renewed. The expiration and commitment schedule is available under 'Licenses Expirations Calendar' Portal report
  • How to get funds back in case of mistaken activation of any licenses?
    • No options, any service purchase is final
  • Can be licenses moved from one PBX to another?
    • No, Licenses can not be transferred between PBXs. To have more flexibility, please use monthly subscriptions.
  • How to change PBX license duration (from monthly to 1y, or from 1y to 5y)?
  • Whats is the Wildix SLA?
  • How to calculate License costs?
    • To calculate license costs use Pricelist available at the Portal.
    • Here are several examples of the costs prorate:

If Partner orders a 1y license on April 2021 on the new PBX, he'll be charged for April 2021 - April 2022 period and the license will be renewed in April every year for the next full 1 year

If Partner orders a 1y license on April 2021 on the existing PBX with yearly licenses expiration in Sep 2021, for example, he'll be charged for April 2021 - Sep 2021 period for just added licenses, and then all licenses will be renewed in Sep 2021 every year for the next full 1 year

If Partner orders 5y license on April 2021 on the new PBX, he'll be charged for April 2021 - April 2025 period and the license will be renewed in April every five years for the next full 5 years

If Partner orders a 5y license on April 2021 on the existing PBX with yearly licenses expiration in Sep 2021, for example, he'll be charged for April 2021 - Sep 2021 period for just added licenses, and then all licenses will be renewed in Sep 2021 every five years for the full period

  • How to activate the licenses?
  • How to upgrade the WMS version?
  • How to remove Cloud PBX from the WMP? 
  • How to get 5y extended warranty?
  • How to activate demo licenses on PBX?
    • Wildix recommends Partners use PBXs with monthly subscriptions (create new or use existing ones) for testing or demo purposes to be flexible with the modifications and termination (licenses on PBXs used for test/demo are non-refundable)
  • What happens if the connection between the two control units fails, Server and Client PBX?
    • If the Server PBX fails, client PBXs will continue to work because they get their licenses from the WMP connection and not Server PBX directly
  •  Can Server PBX licenses be used to register users on the Client PBX?
    • Users can be registered on all Client PBXs as long as the total amount of users does not exceed the number of licenses on the Server PBX
  • How to be informed about license usage exceeded?
  • How to upgrade the licenses on PBX?
  • What is the latest time to amend the PBX before the renewal?
    • Partners may amend PBX licenses at any time except 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM UTC on the last day of each month

  • How to transfer PBX between end-users?
    • To transfer PBX between end-users consult with  your Area Manager first and then submit a ticket to Customer Care


  • How much would delivery cost?
    • USA 
      • Open master box - 5 USD
      • Logistics fees - 60 USD flat rate
      • Overnight costs calculation - please contact CC to evaluate the price
    • UK 
      • Open master box - 5 GBP
      • Logistics fees  - 60 GBP EURO flat rate
    • Europe
      • Open master box - 5 EURO
      • Logistics fees - 60 EURO EURO flat rate
  • How to find out order shipping tracking information?
    • submit Customer Care ticket
  • How to change HW device in case of out-of-box failure/dead on arrival (OBF/DOA)?
    • If the device doesn't work after unboxing (OBF/DOA) - submit RMA. The new one will be sent to replace.
    • In case of no new one at the warehouse, there are two options: replacement to the refurbished device or waiting till the new item arrives. 
    • If returns used item under the 1y or 5y warranty, it may be replaced by both, new or refurbished item

Company Information Changes

  • How can I grant new access to the portal for an employee?
    • In the Portal select your company in the section "Customer" 
    • Click  and in pop-up window choose field Contacts
    • Click   in the right up corner.     
    • You will open the form for adding the new access data.    
    • Add new contact and send an invite 
    • Be advised the splitting on Technician, Sales manager and Accountant uses for sorting order only. It does not affect any permissions or restrictions. 
  • How can I delete access to the portal or change information for an employee?       
    • Login to the Portal
    • Select your company in section "Customer" 
    • Click  and in pop-up window choose field Contacts
    • Choose the contact you want to delete and click .
    • In pop-up window click Edit. 
    • In the next section, you can make changes or delete the contact totally. 

General Questions

  • How to find the verification code notification to enter the Portal?
    • Check mail with verification code notification in the Spam folder of the email box. 
    • Contact mail service provider to get more details of possible failure.
    • Contact Customer Care Wildix to address the issue.
  • How to move Reseller or end-user between Partners?
    • To move Reseller or end-user between Partners submit a request to your Area Manager. Reseller or end-user can be moved strictly with official confirmation (agreement) of the Reseller or end-user, current Partner, and new Partner
  • What is the Security Policy at Wildix?

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