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Aug 12, 2022 23:21

Monitoring Wildix PBX with Nagios

Warning: Not supported starting from WMS 4.0X and WMS 5.0X!

This instruction explains how to monitor operations of your PBX using Nagios system.

Supported WMS version: starting from 3.87

Created: December 2017



Step 1. Setup of nagios-nrpe-server agent

Access your PBX via SSH as root

  1. Go to WMS and click on Terminal in the top secondary menu

    Note: Terminal is available only for admin users.

  2. Enter the following parameters:

10 (means Shell, type it in Select an option line)
wildix (Password line)

Note: type !1 in case you have Physical or Virtual PBX.

Add your Nagios server IP and relay host (in case NAT is deployed) to allowed hosts

  1.  Use the following command:

    nano-tiny /rw2/etc/nagios/nrpe_local.cfg
  2. Add your Nagios server IP to allowed_hosts, separated by a comma:


    where is the IP address of Nagios server or (in case NAT is deployed) IP of a router which detects PBX

    Note: In case you PBX and Nagios server are located in different networks, use Nagios server Public IP.

  3. Enable nagios-nrpe-server autostart by using the following command:

    update-rc.d nagios-nrpe-server defaults
  4. Reboot your PBX using the following command:

  5. Start nagios-nrpe-server:

    /etc/init.d/nagios-nrpe-server start

    Step 2. Setup of Nagios server

  1. Download the template file from
  2. Rename pbx_template.cfg to <PBXname>.cfg, for instance, mypbx.cfg  and copy it to Nagios server configuration folder. Location of this folder depends on your Nagios distribution. For example, /opt/nagios/etc/objects/ or /usr/local/nagios/etc/servers/
  3. Edit Nagios configuration file with editor of your choice and add path to your cfg file in it:

    mcedit /usr/local/nagios/etc/nagios.cfg
  4. Add “cfg_file=” parameter with path:

  5. Reload Nagios:

    service nagios reload

    Step 3. Access to PBX for monitoring operations

To access your PBX for monitoring operations:

  1. Go to Nagios interface -> Current Status -> Hosts
  2. Click on your PBX to open detailed information:

  3. Click on View Status Detail For This Host to monitor available services that are active on PBX: 

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