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titleDeploy Wildix WMS5 on Hardware, Virtual, Cloud PBXs

How to deploy WMS 5

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<span class="page-title-pdf">Deploying WMS5 on Hardware, Virtual and Cloud PBXs</span>



Deploy WMS 5 on Hardware, Virtual and Cloud PBXs.

Created: July 2020

Updated: November 2020May 2021


If your WMS version is lower than WMS4, first upgrade your PBX to WMS4, please follow the document: Deploying WMS 4.0 on Hardware, Virtual, Cloud PBXs


Code Block
titleOVFTool command example
ovftool WMS_5.0102_x64_2020071020210524.ova WMS_5.0102_x64_2020111320210524.ovf 

  • In case if you're running VMWare version lower than 6.5, please run this command in order to reduce VMWare HW Compatibility Level:
Code Block
titleOVFTool hw compatibility change (example for ESXi 6.0)
ovftool --maxVirtualHardwareVersion=11 wms_5_0102_x64_20201113202110524.ova wms_5_0102_x64_2020111320210524_v11.ova

Once the VM is installed, follow PBX Licensing and Activation Admin Guide (chapter PBX Activation) to activate your PBX and add user licenses.



Note: If you install the system using Hyper-V, download VHD archive from here:

Upgrade HW PBX