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This step-by-step guide leads you through the process of activation and configuration of the Wildix system.

WMS version: 5.0X / 4.0X 

Updated: September 2021January 2022





Starting from October 1, 2021, Wildix provides partners with a read-only ValuePartnership (former SKit) demo PBX for the training.

The following licenses on 1 year subscription are available within the PBX:

  • 10 Premium
  • 1 Business
  • 1 Essential
  • 1 Basic
  • 1 Wizywebinar license for demo purposes

To continue using free licenses on a demo PBX after the grace period, you'll need to sign the yearly Partnership Agreement during the annual Summit in Jan 2023.



Difference between Group and Department fields:

  • Group field assign user to a certain ACL group; ACL is a set of user permissions; you can change ACL permissions of groups in WMS -> Users -> Groups; more informationACL rules and Call classes management - Admin Guide
  • You can decide to group users in Collaboration -> Colleagues menu either by Group or by Department field, but Department field doesn't affect users ACL permissions
  • Starting from WMS Beta 5.04.20211227.3, there is an option to create a multilevel hierarchy of Departments. See the guide How to configure Departments tree for more details.