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  1. Connect to WMP using your credentials

  2. Go to Customers tab; to create a new PBX, you first need to add a customer (if it does not exist yet); click Add:

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  3. Create a new customer (company): fill in the fields and click Save:

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  4. You need to create at least one contact: fill in the fields and click Add:

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  5. Now you can proceed with adding a new PBX: go to PBXs tab: 

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  6. You are now under PBXs tab, click + to add a new PBX:

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  7. Fill in the fields:

    • Model: select WPBX-CLOUD for Cloud / WPBX-VM/HW for Virtual or Hardware

    • Region (only for Cloud PBX): select the datacenter region

    • Name: PBX domain name by which your PBX is accessible via the browser; in the example provided below, the PBX can be accessed by URL

    • Expire: select the recurring billing period: monthly / yearly / 5 years / lifetime (lifetime is not available for Cloud PBX)

    • PBX-BASIC / UC-Essential / UC-Business / UC-Premium / UC-Wizyconf Room / UC-Wizywebinar / PBX-Service: add the number of users of each profile (more about each profile:

    • Storage size and enable Static IP (only for Cloud PBX): increase Cloud instance storage size. For more details, refer to the chapter: Increase storage on Cloud PBX


      Note: Starting from July 1 2021 onward, all PBXs will get a dynamic IP address by default. If you need to reserve static IP for your Cloud PBX, there are several options:

      • Switch to CLASSOUND to provide a more modern service
      • Ask your provider to switch from the IP-based authentication to the password/login one
      • Buy the storage (If you have previously purchased an extra storage, the IP is reserved)

    • x-caracal: tick the option to activate x-caracal ACD stats service on this PBX. Important: make sure you add at least 10 Business/ Premium + 1 Premium licenses on this PBX to be able to activate x-caracal. More information on how to activate x-caracal on the WMS side: x-caracal documentation. Important: x-caracal is supported only on Cloud or Virtual PBXs, Hardware PBXs are not supported. Make sure you have the min. required WMS version
    • MS-PhoneSystem: this is an extension of the teams4Wildix (integration of Microsoft Teams with Wildix PBX). It requires the CLASSOUND service to be activated on the PBX. Important: Make sure you have the min. required WMS version

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  8. Click Add; your PBX has been created:


  • Base station: the basic component of the DECT infrastructure

    • W-AIR Sync Plus / W-AIR Sync Plus Base Outdoor: multicell, up to 4000 bases, up to 16000 users, up to 8 concurrent calls per base, up to 8 handovers

    • W-AIR Small Business (SB): single cell, up to 8 20 users, up to 4 10 concurrent calls

  • Repeaters: this optional component allows extending the signal coverage of the base station

  • Wireless handsets / headset: choose one of the models of handsets W-AIR Basic / W-AIR 100 (End Of Life)/ W-AIR LifeSaver/ W-AIR Med/ W-AIR Office and W-AIR Headset. Detailed documentation: W-AIR DECT Handset - User GuideW-AIR Headset User Manual