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How to enable distinctive ringtones on Wair handset

PostPosted: 03/04/2015, 8:06
Description :

You want to identify internal and external incoming calls using a distinctive ringtone. For that you enabled distinctive ringtones for different call classes in user’s preference BUT these settings are not applied to Wair cordless phones.

Solution :
You can change the ringtone directly from the settings of cordless phone. Go to the menu Settings -> Audio settings -> Ring melody where you will find 6 different ringtones.

melody2.png (261.89 KiB) Viewed 3780 times

Note that this change is applied only to Internal call class.
Note also that each of these 6 melodies are assigned by default to different call classes.

Internal = melody 1 (default, you can choose any of the 6 available melodies for Internal calls)
External = melody 1
VIP = melody 2
highpriority = melody 3
lowpriority = melody 4
Whitelist = melody 5
Blacklist = melody 6

If you want to reproduce a different melody for external calls you just need to change the type of call on Dialplan.

type_of_call_ringtone.png (20.7 KiB) Viewed 3782 times

In this example the Wair phone will play the melody 3 which corresponds to the call class highpriority (you can insert it manually if the necessary call class is not present among the options).