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WP600A icon

PostPosted: 08/05/2015, 9:42
Hello, i have two pbx on my desk, a wgw16 and a wgw90 both on rel 3.80.29097.17

I also have 2 WP600A, one on each pbx, same version

On wgw16 user page the wp600a shows up with the usual WP600 icon, while on wgw90 it shows up with the -new?- android icon, is this normal? I registered both WP600A with the same procedure, using Phone app and providing user/cti pass

Re: WP600A icon

PostPosted: 08/05/2015, 10:02
Hi Michele!!!!!
Welcome! First we can check the firmware, is equal in both devices? You can check upgrade in section Settings->Advanced.
For more information, WP600A-UserGuide!


Re: WP600A icon

PostPosted: 08/05/2015, 10:15
ok i just had to update the one on wgw90, it was unclear to me how to do that...