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PostPosted: 05/02/2016, 12:26
Maybe someone have an idea or experience with this. I need a solution for forwarding’s, different destinations if the user is logged in and logged out. And a call forwarding if the User is busy. Now I noticed if the user is logged out and a busy call forwarding is configured, so the PBX use now the busy call forwarding. Now I tried to configure in the Dialplan Rules verify number of calls for the busy situation and take the busy call forward for the logged out user, but here the busy call forward had the higher priority as the Dialplan Rule. Does someone had this case in the past and have a solution for it?
Thank you!!

Re: Forwardings

PostPosted: 24/02/2016, 16:11
Hi Thomas, issue was handled on our Wildix Tech Wizard page on Facebook: ... %22R%22%7D