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PostPosted: 31/10/2014, 11:50

My colleague has an IPhone 4S with IOS 8.1 . He has done an Update of the Wildix APP up to Version 4.4.27977.
Since the update he noticed, if he make a call the App is closed after every Call.

I think this is not normal ;) Does he has to use an older Version of the APP with the IPhone 4S??

Thank you very much and Best Regards,
Thomas Enke

Re: IPhone 4S IOS APP

PostPosted: 04/11/2014, 20:54
by dimitri
Hi Thomas,

I saw it already happening on an iPhone 5s. Can you reinstall completely the app and see if that helps? I had a similar issue with Whatsapp after upgrading to iOS8, when opening the app I had always a crash. In case that does not help I will need to have a crash log from you.


Re: IPhone 4S IOS APP

PostPosted: 06/11/2014, 21:06
Hi Dimitri,

Thank you very much!
After the reinstall of the app, everything is ok :)