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How to configure blacklist Phonebook

PostPosted: 01/12/2015, 15:00
An useful configuration when your users are receiving unwanted calls could be the blacklist feature.

Steps to do:

Add the number in your phonebook with the “type” blacklist
Configure the rules in your Incoming dialplan

-Add the blacklist number :

You could add the number in your phonebooks in different modes: from the Collaboration , from the imported backend (MySQL , Csv , etc) . We will consider the situation where the phonebook is already configured and we can add the number from the Collaboration.

From the menu Phonebook → You could select the desired phonebook and press “+” to add a contact.
To add a blacklist contact compile the fields and set blacklist as “Type of contact”

phonebook.png (96.1 KiB) Viewed 11833 times

-Configure the dialplan rules :

First of all we need a blacklist diaplan , we will call this diaplan main-blacklist, in this dialplan we can configure the behavior when an unwanted call will be received.

In my example I will simply hangup the call:

main blacklist.png
main blacklist.png (32.67 KiB) Viewed 11833 times

Now we can configure the rule in our Incoming dialplan to Check if a call is in the blacklist.
You could add a simple rule before the configured rules, the rule is called “Jump to if call type is” .
I'm receiving the call on the dialplan called main , called number 0458459610

main.png (25.34 KiB) Viewed 11833 times

The rule will check for every incoming call if the calling number is in blacklist , if yes the call will be dropped from the main-dialplan if no the call will follow the next priority.