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release 3.60

PostPosted: 08/10/2014, 11:17
by dimitri
Main news:

* new graphical interface
* Softphone Web Zero Distance (only Windows at the moment)
* Video Conference MCU Wildix (it can be activated during a chat session with a user)
* signed certificate for the domain for all pbxs (the domain must not be added anymore to pbx domains list)
* auto recovery WMS Network
* support for more than 10k users in WMS Network

Update notes:

* do not update a slave pbx before updating the master in WMS Network
* dtmfs are not supported currently by Web Zero Distance

Re: release 3.60

PostPosted: 14/10/2014, 16:13
Installed on 5 pbx and all it's ok with tls switched on.
The client for iOS at moment don't support the tls.
Testing new firmware for gsm gateway (resolve a problem with eco) :roll: