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CDR View backend is not enabled

PostPosted: 24/02/2015, 20:20
Problem: No access to CDR-View, the application responds with the error “CDR View backend is not enabled”

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Solution: Enable the backed for CDR-View

1. Enable the backend for CDR storage (if not enabled)

The tabs “MSSQL”, “MySQL”, “Sqlite” allow you to configure the backend for CDR storage. (several backends can be enabled at a time)
MSSQL and MySQL are external Microsoft servers, which must be previously installed and must accept connection from the PBX’s IP address. To configure a MSSQL or MySQL backend, go to the tab “MSSQL” or “MySQL” and insert the following data:

    - Enabled: check the box to enable the backend
    - Hostname: the name of the IP address of the remote server;
    - Database name: the existing database where the CDR must be saved;
    - CDR Table name: the name of the table created on the PBX;
    - User: the user to access to the server;
    - Password: the password to access to the server;
    - Port;
Click “Save” to apply


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Sqlite is available only for WGW40 and less.

2) Set the backend for CDR-View storage

Go to the tab “CDR Settings”, select the backend and click “Save”.


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