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Use phonebook for allowing outgoing calls

PostPosted: 03/04/2015, 8:52
It is possible to allow outgoing calls based on certain criteria, for example, only in case the called number is present in a phonebook.

1) Log in to Wildix Collaboration as user which can modify phonebooks.
2) Select each number in this phonebook that can be called by users and edit the field “Type of contact” by setting the class “Whitelist”.

set type in phonebook.png
set type in phonebook.png (50.99 KiB) Viewed 5691 times

3) Go to WMS > Dialplan > Dialplan rules and create a new procedure that must be used by those users who are allowed to call only to the contacts that we have just added to “Whitelist”. These class name are only indicative and in this case is not important which class we use, we decide in dialplan section what does class.

An example of the Dialplan configuration is provided below:

Users_limited.png (69.25 KiB) Viewed 5691 times

    - “Lookup called name” - “test”: checks if the called number is present in the selected phonebook;
    - “Jump to if call type is” - “whitelist” - “procedure “users”: checks if the called number belongs to “Whitelist”. In case the match is found, the system jumps to another procedure “users” (this procedure is used by default for outgoing calls);
    - “Play sound” and “Hangup”: in case the match cannot be found (the contact does not belong to “Whitelist”), the message is played to the operator informing him that calling this number is not allowed, then the call is terminated.

4) In USERS procedure there is only the rule for outgoing calls.

USERS.png (35.3 KiB) Viewed 5691 times

5) Set in Users > Users tab, like field "Dialplan" the procedure "users_limited" created before.

Set Dialplan.png
Set Dialplan.png (31.45 KiB) Viewed 5691 times