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How to park a call

PostPosted: 23/02/2015, 15:35
by matteo.erba
WMS 3.x does not have a native call parking feature by feature codes, but it is simple to create a place where to park the calls and resume them. Follow the steps below:

  • Create a new Call group (WMS > Dialplan > Call groups) and add a user (users) who would like to park calls to this group. In our example, the user is 118, the call group name is “Parking_Matteo”, ID 5.
  • In the Dialplan procedure of that user (“users” by default), add a new called number. In our example, the called number is 595. Add the following applications for this called number:
    • “Set” - “type of call” - “blacklist”
    • “Dial a call group” - “Parking_Matteo” (specify a long timeout)
    • “Dial the phone” - ”118” (to have a call back in case the timeout is reached)
    parking.png (58.51 KiB) Viewed 6565 times
  • Edit the preferences of that user (WMS > Users, “Edit preferences”) to enable the DND for the call class “black list”.
    preference.png (99.57 KiB) Viewed 6565 times
Now the user can make a blind transfer to the number 595 to move the call to the queue and the call will be parked there without any ring to the phone of the user because the DND is enabled.
Any user is able to pickup the call with the “Pickup: call groups” Feature code (73 by default) by calling 735 (where “5” is the call group ID)