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Wildix Cookie Policy

PostPosted: 29/05/2015, 15:43
by marketing.wildix
Cookies are small computer files that remember what you enter when you visit a website. They help websites remember information about your visit, like your country, language and other settings. They can help make your next visit easier – without cookies, using many websites would be frustrating.

At Wildix we use cookies to remember contact information that you might have filled in previously, to count how many likes and shares our pages have had, and to help you when you talk to our advisors online. We also use them to provide anonymous information about the users that visit our site. Please note that cookies can’t harm your computer.

Opting Out and Disabling Cookies
Most browsers have cookies enabled by default. However if you don’t want to enable cookies, you’ll still be able to browse the site. To disable all cookies on your browser, please go to

Cookies used on Wildix websites
The cookies on this site are either set by us or by third party partners and fall into the following categories:

a. Session management

These cookies are used to make sure you can move freely from one page to another. Normally these cookies only last while your browser is open and are deleted when it is closed. But some, like our cookie policy acceptance cookie, need remain for longer than the duration of your session, so we don’t have to ask for your agreement every time you visit the site.

b. Performance & Targeting

These cookies allow us to monitor how visitors use our site. This information provides anonymous statistics on how many people visit the site, where they came from and the pages they visit, so we can target, develop and improve our services.

Google Ads: Tracks pay-per-click advertising conversion. Opt out:

Facebook Ads: Tracks pay-per-click advertising conversion. Opt out:

Google Analytics: Collects statistical information about how you use the site so that we can improve the site. Opt out:

c. Functionality

These cookies allow you to set and store preferences around the site, such as when you enter your contact details or select your preferred language.